Crown & Bridge



The best crown and bridge work often requires a combination of cutting-edge technology with traditional artisan skills, to make a bespoke solution to restore an individual’s smile.

With TAS patients will get the best results possible both aesthetically and functionality because we make sure that each and every piece of crown and bridge work that comes into the lab, uses the very best mix of techniques, technologies and materials for that specific job. We pride ourselves on perfectly tailoring each piece of crown and bridge work to the specific needs of the individual patient and dentist.

As a full service dental laboratory, we can provide crown and bridge combination cases using precision attachments, telescopic crowns and chrome cobalt dentures with a full range of materials for all ceramic restorations, e.max, milled Zirconia and bonded bio-alloys such as Titanium and Cobalt Chromium, traditional cast bonded alloys and full cast gold. 




Continually pushing for excellence in everything we do, our prosthetic department produces complete and partial dentures, all benefit from new, improved, stronger acrylics, and a range of superb teeth for natural looking removable and fixed dental prostheses suitable for any budget. Our experience and attention to detail and understanding of tooth arrangement and harmony with the existing teeth give us the possibility to provide a comfortable and stable solution.

 We offer High Impact acrylic for full and partial dentures, frameworks fabricated from CoCr metal cast and SOLVAY DENTAL 360, Ultaire AKP; CAD-CAM milled high performance polymer.

 If requested we can use different systems for gum staining, these systems and techniques enhance the aesthetic appearance of acrylic dentures by mimicking the natural shading of gum tissue, especially relevant for providing age, ethnicity and gender characteristics.

In addition, we also offer a comprehensive range of other products, including mouth guards, bite raisers and custom-made whitening trays.

All Ceramic



Modern cosmetic dentistry means that almost anything is possible and we believe that everyone can have a perfect smile.

All patients are expecting results that are longer lasting and blend naturally with their existing dentition. The use of metal-free ceramic materials allows us to achieve excellent esthetic results combined with high bio-compatibility and ever increasing strength for crowns, Inlay/Onlay and veneers fabrication. We use a range of up to date materials including  pressable and milled ceramics, microhybrid composites, feldspathic and synthetic porcelains  to produce restorations that are indistinguishable from a natural tooth. These materials allow us to produce veneers in the thinnest possible sections, allowing for minimal tooth reduction. With porcelain build up layers on a CADCAM milled core we can include areas of opacity and translucency, depth of colour and fluorescence found in natural teeth, achieving the best result possible and a complex colour match.




At TAS we believe that successful, predictable results are achieved with good planning and communication. Dental implants require meticulous planning and expert execution, the results are a long term solution with great aesthetics and can be life-changing for the patient.  

We work with all recognised implants systems, from an aesthetic single crown to more complex cases, cement or screw retained, fixed and removable prostheses with standard abutments or custom made shapes to accomodate angulation, placement, strength and aesthetics. Whichever system you are using we can ensure that every kind of dental implant that we make is constructed with the same commitment and quality.

Diagnostic Wax-UP


  A diagnostic wax-up is an invaluable communication tool to show patients the planned treatment and brings it from conception to full-scale model. It allows them to see how their concerns will be addressed and discussed before the permanent restoration will be made.

We offer  diagnostic wax-up when an extensive or complex treatment is required. We cast the study models in plaster, articulate them in accordance with clinical instructions and will build the new smile with an aesthetic white wax. This way we create a visual reference for the patient and provide them the opportunity to personalise their final smile. 

Tooth Tattoo



 Get creative! Skin is not the only place that can be decorated with a tattoo, now teeth can be personalized with amazing tattoos. This has become one of the fashion trends, with a significant increase in cosmetic dentistry. A perfect solution for patiens who see their crowns as a blank canvas just waiting to be personalized.

We can make anything from images with favourite pet, flowers, names, sports logos, favourite album covers to miniature portraits. . All someone has to do is provide us with a picture and we take it from there. The images are hand painted by a qualified dental ceramist who also holds a fine arts degree, using a variety of stains, glazes and tools.