Ultaire™ AKP removable partial dentures


 Looking for a premium alternative to metal partials? Prescribe Ultaire™ AKP removable partial dentures. Ultaire™ AKP is the polymer you’ve been waiting for! This innovative aryl ketone polymer (AKP) was formulated to meet critical performance requirements for removable partial dentures. Ultaire™ AKP was specifically designed to fill the gap between metal RPDs, which can be too rigid and stiff, and other polymer frame materials that can be too flexible. 




Discover a lightweight and comfortable option for RPDs

 Removable partial dentures made with Ultaire™ AKP are metal-free, comfortable, lightweight, biocompatible and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional metal frameworks.Dentists will appreciate these key benefits:

  • Minimal fitting sessions and adjustments
  • May improve patient comfort and compliance
  • Bone-like and tooth supported
  • High patient satisfaction
  • May minimize bone loss

The people want metal-free RPDs

As patients become more aware of the effects of metal – the potential allergies, toxicity and taste – they are also becoming more proactive, asking for removable partial dentures that feel natural, comfortable and are aesthetically appealing. Ultaire™ AKP is an innovative aryl ketone polymer that provides a biocompatible, lightweight, metal-free, non-irritating and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal RPD frames.Offer your patients this innovative polymer that offers the support of a metal frame and the comfort of a flexible partial denture. The benefits of Ultaire™ AKP removable partial dentures are many:

  • Comfortable, biocompatible
  • Lightweight – 60% lighter than metal
  • Aesthetically pleasing with no metal clasps
  • Non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-irritating
  • No metallic taste

   A polymer strong enough to replace metal in removable partial dentures 

 Your patients will love this metal-free removable partial denture. Designed in a digital workflow, Ultaire™ AKP provides a customized fit that will stand the test of time. At 148 MPa, Ultaire™ AKP has flexural properties that are well above minimum requirements for denture base materials per ISO 20795 standards. Ultaire™ AKP is specifically designed to be supportive and have a long lifetime — well over ten years with normal insertion and removal — but also to be comfortable enough to help improve patient compliance.

Ultaire™ AKP removable partial dentures vs. flexible partial dentures

Ultaire™ AKP is not a flexible partial denture. It is a paradigm-shifting polymer. Other flexible partial dentures are flimsy and often lack support. An Ultaire™ AKP removable partial denture is strong enough to be tooth supported but less rigid than metal, offering a comfortable, secure fit.Ultaire™ AKP removable partial dentures hit the sweet spot between metals and flexibles. Designed specifically to enhance the rigidity of the polymer to be supportive and to have a very long lifetime, Ultaire™ AKP removable partial dentures also have flexibility and elasticity to improve patient comfort and overall experience.

Removable partial dentures brought to you by Solvay Dental 360™

Solvay Dental 360™ is part of the global company Solvay, which has the broadest portfolio of high-performance healthcare polymers worldwide. With over 35 brands in more than 1,500 formulations, Solvay is a global leader in metal replacing materials with 25 years as a leading polymer supplier to the healthcare industry. Solvay is now bringing this expertise to the dental industry with Ultaire™ AKP.“Dentists and patients alike are demanding better materials for RPDs, and Ultaire™ AKP delivers in a way that metal and other polymer options simply cannot,” says Shawn Shorrock, global director, Solvay Dental 360™. “We saw an unmet need to replace metal in dental materials, similar to other markets we serve such as orthopedic and cardiovascular, and we worked closely with dentists to ensure Ultaire™ AKP best serves their needs and those of their patients.”